Letter | Mayor, council incumbents helped make Snoqualmie one of safest, best cities to raise family

Dear Editor,
Snoqualmie Mayor and City Council incumbents have the experience and the dedication to keep Snoqualmie on the right track.

Mayor Matt Larson, Council Members Bob Jeans, Bryan Holloway, and Kathi Prewitt have a proven track record of outstanding dedication and service. Back in 2006, when the City of Snoqualmie was headed for insolvency like a runaway train, it was these leaders that formed a plan and got the City headed back in the right direction.

Without a drastic change in the City’s fiscal policies, Snoqualmie was facing a terrible budget crises no later than 2010. Yet these leaders, Larson, Jeans, Holloway, and Prewitt took on these and many other difficult issues with courage and resolve so much so that in the economic downturn of 2008, while other municipalities were looking at significant budget deficits, Snoqualmie’s budget was fully funded. No small feat.

Now, the City of Snoqualmie rates as one of the safest cities in Washington State and one of the best cities in America in which to raise a family. This quality of life for the citizens of Snoqualmie is the direct result of the leadership and dedication of these four public servants.

I served with these electeds for a little over ten years, and its accurate to say that no one could serve with more dedication or more attention to what the citizens of Snoqualmie want than these four people have. Larson, Jeans, Holloway, and Prewitt: voting for them is a vote for a continued improvement in the quality of life in Snoqualmie. Re-electing them is preserving the hard-won lessons of the last decade. Asking them to serve us for another term is not just the right decision for the citizens of Snoqualmie, it is the best decision.

This election, keep the outstanding leaders who have served us so faithfully: Matt Larson, Bob Jeans, Bryan Holloway, and Kathi Prewitt.

Kingston Wall
Snoqualmie City Council (2005-2015)


  1. I would agree that some of those council members have the citizens interest but that can not be said for the leadership. Matt Larson is big city and push the small community folks out. The mill site is going through no matter what you the public want and Mr. Larson is spearheading it. Think about what you want to see for your city’s future and vote accordingly. I cannot imagine what else he can conjure up to ruin my family’s hometown. Vote for Fuzzy.

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